Arsenal: Arsene Wenger leaving like ‘a star has dropped out of the sky’ – David Dein

Former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein speaks at a conference

                                                                                                                   Former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein recruited Arsene Wenger in 1996

The decision of manager Arsen Wenger to leave Arsenal, it seems, “the star fell out of the sky,” says former vice chairman David Dane.

68-year-old Frenchman Wenger said that on Friday he will retire after almost 22 years.

Dean hired Wenger to become manager of Arsenal in October 1996, before leaving his post as vice chairman in 2007.

“He will undoubtedly go down in history as the greatest manager of Arsenal,” Dane said.

“His style of football, the way he behaved, honesty, honesty, how he manages the players, how he develops the youth – what he did for the club is immeasurable.

“It’s not just for Arsenal, its legacy is for global football.”

Wenger won three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups, including the Double in 1997-98 and 2001-02.

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“Gunners” rank sixth in the league and are going to miss fourth place for the second consecutive season, hoping to get into the Champions League next year, relying on the victory in the European League. They face Atletico Madrid in a two-story semi-final on April 26 and May 3.

Dean said that the last two years have been “very difficult” for Wenger, who will leave a year before the expiration of his contract.

Some fans have included Wenger in recent years, raising the signs of “Wenger” in the matches. Wenger said on Sunday that the lack of unity was “harmful” for the club.

“At the end of last season I discussed with him:” Arsen, what do you want to do? Are you going to stay or go? “Dane said.

“He was a little hesitant. In the end, I told him that he loved the club too much.

“He made his own mind and decided to stay. The last couple of weeks he became increasingly difficult, especially with the results of the team, so I felt that on a personal level, he was unlikely to stay after the end of this season. ”

                                                                              Arsenal beat West Ham 4-1 on Sunday in the first match since Arsene Wenger announced he will step down

Dane appointed the then little-known Wenger from the Japanese side Nagoya Grampus Eight in 1996, before they watched the progress from Highbury at the Emirates Stadium in 2006.

Dane said that Arsenal “managed to get funding” for the Emirates on the back of the “Invincibles” team, which won the league title in 2003-04 and ended the season unbeaten.

“When you go to the stadium today and you see this magnificent singing and dancing stadium, you have to say” thank you Arsene Wenger “because we managed to get it through the team’s achievement,” Dean added.

“He absolutely revolutionized the club, it was a” boring, boring “Arsenal” at one stage. Now we play pretty football.

“He is a purist footballer, so this is one of his legacies and always earns on an annual basis. He is very perceptive, he can read the balance.

“He is an honorable, honest and extremely reliable guy. Shareholders probably tripled or quadrupled under Arsen Wenger, and they should thank him. ”

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What’s next for Wenger and Arsenal?


Arsenal said that they will appoint Wenger’s successor “as soon as possible.”

Former Borussia Dortmund boss Thomas Tuchel, manager of Juventus Massimiliano Allegri and former coach of Chelsea and Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti were involved in the work, as well as former players Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Mikel Arteta.

Dane said he hopes that the new manager will inherit Wenger’s “extraordinary” values ​​for the club.

“It must be successful, and the only advice I can give it is to get the winning team – everything flows from there,” Dean said.

After Arsenal won 4-1 at West Ham on Sunday, Wenger said he was not sure if he could retire, work elsewhere, or take a director of a football role, but Dane believes he will continue the game.

“Over the past few years, I know that he was approached by some of the biggest clubs in the world – Real Madrid, Paris-Saint-Germain and even the England team wanted him at one stage,” Dane said.

“There will be no shortage of offers. I personally called from people asking to talk with him. ”



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