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Predictions sites

While talking about sports betting, the theme of predictions of events is becoming extremely popular via punters, especially rookies. There are a plenty of bet prediction sites, especially on football. It seems to look like an easy method of making money in a smallest period of time, but it isn’t completely right.

No doubt, there are a lot of sports analysts, who offer free prediction on some events and most of them might be true. Per contra, you should ask yourself about the motivation of capper offering predictions for free. Moreover, if it is not for free, but for some amount of payment. The golden rule of successful sports betting is awareness of your actions and particular discipline you bet on. Even not only awareness, but sincere interest.

When you are interested in kind of sport and have your own flair about the outcome of particular event, checking predictions sites will be useful, because in that case you can increase or decrease your flair. Once it has risen or fallen, the possibility of event’s outcome has done the same, so the chances to make a profit either.

Additionally, there are the main rules you should be aware of before start betting, as well as common mistakes of punters. All that issues will be covered above, thus, wish you to have an enjoyable reading.

General Rules of Betting

The question about right way of betting is very contradictory and can vary from punter to punter. It depends on several questions you should ask yourself in the beginning. According to your answers, it would be easier to build the strategy appropriate individually to you. The questions are:

  • What goal you trying to achieve by placing a bets? Is it to solve some financial issues and make an easy money? Or just to have fun and watch sports match with more interest?
  • What kinds of sports you’re going to choose for betting? What exact tournaments you’re bracing? Are you aware of the last news and trends there well?
  • What strategy you’re going to use? Betting via what strategy?
  • Are you ready to part with the money you deposit?

Once you’d answer these questions, you prepared to start betting freely. Additionally, check a several general tips written next, that might be useful for you to succeed or won’t be redundant, at least.

Transparency is equal to confidence

During the process of registration and cooperating with the bookmaker at all, you should provide only the true information about yourself and your personal data. Why it is important? In case of some «force major» circumstances in future, it might play a key role for you.

Moreover, all bookmakers eventually would ask you to pass the verification before withdrawal your winnings, in case you haven’t done it yet. It’s better to path through it beforehand, isn’t it?


This tip means that you should manage your bankroll wisely and follow the same strategy. It will rescue you from such situations, like loosing your depo by trying to recoup your bets back or going “all in” by emotional affect.

Reliance on statistics and predictions

Checking latest predictions and statistics of particular event before starting betting on is quite good idea. Not trusting them blindly, but being aware of other opinions would increase your chances to win. Moreover, some inside information about main player’s injured or particular tactic of the match may have an immense impact on the outcomes, so it should be kept in mind.

Strategies for betting

Complying different betting-strategies is one more argument to succeed. Strategies would not guarantee a 100% winnings, but increases the chances of it. There are a plenty of them existing and not all are really valuable. However, complying them or even developing your personal one might return into profits one time. In next part, there will be mentioned some of the most favorable strategies across soccer-bettors.

Strategies for soccer-betting


One of the most common strategy, which is in favor for its simplicity. The sense of it in betting a fixed amount of money as a part of the whole bankroll. The amount hasn’t not been changed whatever happens, in long-term your bankroll might be increased. Let show it on example. Imagine that your bank is 1000 NGN.

You bet 200 NGN (20% of bank) with the odd 2.0. You win, your winning is 400 NGN. Bank updated: 1400 NGN. You bet 220 (again 20% from total sum) with the odd 1.8. Win 396 NGN, your bank is 1576 NGN. You bet 315 (20%) with the odd 1.9. This time you lose, your bank 1261.

As you can see on the example, your bank has positive trend. In case it is not, you correct the nominal amount of bet. The main advantage of this strategy is that is lack of treat of total losing the bankroll.

Against draws

Another strategy which is suitable for football matches with a «chalk» and «underdog». The rivals can be not fully obvious, but not equal either. One of the team has to be a favorite of the match, which is playing, for example, at home. During the beginning of 2nd half of the game and till the 60-70 min, the odd against draws usually rocket in several time and appears an excellent opportunity to catch one best.

Although, this strategy should be supplemented by a brief awareness of current team’s line-ups, players injured, overall situation, etc. If it is reached, the possibility of outcome with the existence of a winner in this match is pretty high.

Martingale Strategy

The most famous betting-strategy, which was landed from casino-roulette and applicable for most disciplines. Including, football-betting, of course. The key sense of the strategy in n a gradual rising of stake amount, dependable to win or lose. In case of losing, the stake’s doubled. The odd’s must be 2 or higher.

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It would be clear how it works on the example. Imagine, your bank is 10 000 NGN. Your bet 100 NGN, you lose. Bankroll is 9 900, your next stake 200 NGN (first one*2), lose again. Bankroll 9 700, your next stake 400 NGN (twice again). Lose for the third time, what a pity! Your next stake is 800 NGN with odd, for example, 2.3. This time you win!

The winning is 1 840, your bankroll 11 140, which is a 1 140 NGN higher then start one. No doubt, there is one sufficient downside of that strategy — the series of losings could be too long, so your bankroll would not be enough to double the stake. Despite that, it is also widely in favor via punters all over the world.

Predictions websites

Finally, to talk about sites on the Web with valuable predictions on sports game are publishing would be very controversial. Primarily, our website is including and refreshing on the daily basis. There are a plenty of predictors offering their suggestions for payments, some of them might be efficient. But the most of them are not.

One more portal, which deserves your attention, is Tipstrr. It consists of a plenty of sports analysts making their prediction available to other users, mostly for free. However, not all of them. With each one analyst, his/her account statistics is displayed for others. It consists of 5 items: ROI (Return of Investment), Average Odds, Tips per 7 days, Win Rate, Profit amount.

Due to this issues each one is estimated by others. Analysts are also subdivided by particular disciplines they specialized and take part in various ranking competitions, so they would be easily to find. Moreover, you are able to post your prediction either. Your statistics will start counting after the first one. Who knows, maybe your flair is well enough to distribute It to others.