Beyond the companies, which provide gambling services in Nigeria, strongly enough position takes NaijaBET. Since 2016, company presents a range of services, connected with games of chance. It is based in Ado-Ekiti in Nigeria, where the company’s headquarters is situated in. Company’s juridical name is «Kreativ Integrated Concepts & Management Limited», which is licensed by National Lottery Act 2005.

The company in favor between punters for its enormous sportsline on soccer, on which bookmaker is specialized on. It is also having a Membership in AONB* and deserves the high level of reliance.

Download Naijabet app

Naija has the main website-version, but also operates via mobile browser’s and even has developed NaijaBET old mobile application for Android. As for other operational systems, it seems to be developed in the near future either.

This review will focus on the pocket-platform version of the bettor and estimate major features of NaijaBET Mobile. Although, an extra surprise in form of promo code is waiting for you. Why do you need it? Answer is simple, it gives you additional amount of your bonus on the first bankroll, so it would be unclever to miss such opportunity.

NaijaBET App for Android

It is listed on Play Market for free and requires only to have a device with enough capacity and based on Android 4.4 or later. For punters, who are bracing Apple products, there has been developed an equal variation for Safari’s mobile browser. Let’s get acquainted in more detail and cover the procedure of registration.

Once you visit the website via your phone or downloaded apk via our link, it would have the following design:naijabet mobile login

There are several menu bars in the top and bottom, as well as the line of major events existing at the moment. To start signing-up, look up and click on the button with appropriate inscription, which is highlighted on the screenshot.

By this step it should be managed, that we admit you’re following the rules of being at least 18 years old and having an account in Bank of Nigeria. If you’re not, it’s better to refrain from playing. In case you meet the criteria, next tutorial is for you:

  1. Once you’ve clicked on the appropriate field to sign-up, the block with space for your personal data would appearnaijabet mobile registrationnaijabet mobile registrationnaijabet mobile login
  2. 1st block is consisting of general info about new punter, it’s important to insert the same initials as on bank account
  3. 2nd block is asking to fill in your address of living (it is not necessary to live exactly in Nigeria, but to have an account in bank of the region)
  4. 3rd block is completing the procedure and asking to set up a login and create a password
  5. Don’t forget to switch on confirmation at the end and accept the rules (nobody forbids to read them first, by the way)
  6. Tap «Register Now» , confirm your action via the most convenient way and finish up the process, well done!

Before making the first bankroll, wait till you’d be verified. You don’t need to do anything to achieve it, just insert true information about yourself, no more. The staff will verify your profile within 24 hours or even less period of time.

Mobile Features

While online betting is growing rapidly, the additional equipment engaged has becoming a necessity for punters. With that reason in mind, Naija has developed their application with a UX-friendly design, a plant of features and advanced functionality.

Naijabet app

Let’s have a look at a glance on it. naijabet mobile app

For punters presented 2 general menu bars at the up and down-side of webpage. The highest one helps to navigate to the certain sports game in the quickest way. Switch it to the left or right to scroll the icons.

In turn the lowest one maintains a rapid navigation to other key items, such as managing your profile, placing a betslip or using a feature of cash out. Especially, for those, who prefer playing on live, is extremely important, because allows to catch the best odds and increase the profit.

Moreover, in case of additional questions appear or even some troubles, feel free to contact tech support in order to get a rapid answer or to solve an issue in the quickest way. To do that click on the purple circle on the right-side and inscribe your issue. They respond approximately immediately in most of situations.

Pluses and Minuses of Mobile Betting on NaijaBET

Behind all doubts, placing a bets via your phone discover for a punters a land of new opportunities. There is no more need to stay behind PC or visit a special betting shop to play. Moreover, the gambling part connected with casino or other games is much more convenient via pocket gadgets to play from.

Naijabet apk

By speaking directly about mobile-betting, there are several advantages of it:

  • It is more effective and productive way of playing, especially when the process combined, for example, with watching LIVE-broadcasting translation on TV and placing a betslips via mobile
  • Provides an extra security level, which is reached by two-factor authentication and enabling «Touch ID» authorization
  • Submit an opportunity to get extra bonus on your first bankroll by using our promo link
  • Allows to play from any place whatever place you are staying, even if you are abroad

Per contra, several disadvantages are existing either, such as:

  • Pretty compressed interface for unfamiliar punters
  • Casino section is not available yet
  • Possibility of «force-majeure» circumstances as connection lost is risen
  • Application might be banned in some regions

The last issue should be explained: while you’re travelling abroad and feel that the luck is on your side, so it would be nice to play a little bit via your phone. However, with such circumstances you may face a problem that it is banned in this region. In Nigeria it is operating officially and has licensed by the governmental institution, but in some countries even the whole industry is prohibited. Be aware of it in order not to have your expectations failed.

Payments Policy of NaijaBET

Hope, it is quite clear how to play NaijaBET online. But it is impossible without putting money in. In this block will be discussed the main rules of the company connected with money transferring.

As soon as your profile is registered and verified, your are able to make your first bankroll via the special «deposit» button. There are a plenty of ways available in Nigeria with all major systems of money transferring. Primarily, via credit or debit card, which is traditional way for a lot of punters. The limits are following:

  • One betslip must be at least 200 Nigerian Naira, your deposit — at least 100
  • Highest possible winning can be is 25 million NGN per 1 day, no more
  • Betslips can vary from 200 till 1-5 million Nairas, the maximum depends on the Tournament and the fame of event

All outgoing funds withdrawal requests would be proceeding no more than 1-day period. Usually, it even faster. The amount to withdrawal starts from 500 NGN and finishes by a million per a day. Try not to win more than 25 million NGN in one time, because its maximum possible amount of output.

How to play NaijaBET casino from mobile?

At the moment, unfortunately, no way. Bettor hasn’t developed and optimized this part for other platforms, but there is a hope that some day it would appear. Once it happens, all we able to enjoy via the phone is betting on sports, including virtual one.


How about their security?

Everything well, the reasons to worry about are approximately absents. Want to be sure completely? Enable two-factor authentication and enjoy the highest protection level

Is there a mobile welcome bonus NaijaBET?

Affirmative. Install it via out link or use the promo code and enjoy extra money on your depo

What are the payment methods?

Debit/Credit Card, ATM, PAYSTACK or USSD, etc. The full number of ways shown on screenshot below:
naijabet payments methods