The Nigerian gaming landscape is being driven by influence of change, driven by the dynamics of players, stricter regulations, improvements in Internet accessibility and the importance of consumer preferences, which is growing sufficiently. The change primarily affects reduce trend of slots-games and increasing popularity of betting in LIVE-mode. The main reason for such tendency connected with changing of generations. Majority of punters nowadays represents a «millennial’s» generation, who were born from 1980th to 2000th. They have different tastes and brace live-activity, so the gambling industry try to follow the trends.

What is LIVE-betting?

Live named bets that you make directly due the sporting event. Let’s look at how live bets work, how their odds change and what live features are.

Today, about 80% of all bets in Europe are made in LIVE. This indicator in the USA, for example, is much lower, but after the legalization of Internet bets in America, the popularity of it is growing rapidly. The reason for it in doubled emotions of viewing, quick calculation of bids and action.

To give live betslips, the bookie uses services of sports data’s providers. The employees of these suppliers are called scouts. These people sit at matches and through a specially prepared device transmit information about the course of a sporting event to the supplier company. After that, it gives this data to the clients – bookie companies. Moreover, such provider can give to the bookie not only the data of a match, but a visualization of it either (when you see the direction of attack or other activity existing at the moments). The odds are establishing and refreshing according to this information. Delay as minimum as possible, almost as in case it was doing automatically. Therefore, for such form of playing it is extremely important to watch the match online, as well as broadcast it with a minimum delay.

Finally, there could be offered extra positions, which hadn’t been presented on prematch’s line. For example, on the events in the next 5-minute segment, the author of the next goal. On the other hand, some bets are only in prematch.

For a punter key benefit of such type consist of the total fullness of information about the game process, as well as actual line-up.

Main tactics for LIVE-betting

As one of the key benefit of LIVE-betting connected with totally awareness about all information of particular event. As an additional one’s it could be an increased level of interest by watching sports matches, as well as unforgettable excitement level of entourage, etc. However, for sharp-players and other punter either, there are an additional way to try to outfox the luck — using some special strategies for betting. They would not guarantee you 100% winnings (even if it promises to do it), but would increase your chances not to waste your bankroll and maybe even make a profit.

It would be given an examples of general tactics connected with LIVE-playing. There are 3 of them:

  • Bet on «chalk-side». It means to prefer bet for a side, which has grabbed initiative and dominating in event. It may consolidate such success by wise preplacement of line-up.
  • Bet on «over» if the game can be characterized as a swing. It means that there are a plenty of acute moments, scores, etc. As well as emotional level is overoiled.
  • Bet on «under» if the game can be characterized as a stodgy. Teams aren’t creating acute moments, looks like tired and the result on the tab is suitable for both of the sides.

Keep in mind these tactics while you’re betting on LIVE.

Extra tips

Expect an increase in pre-match odds during the match. If you are sure that the team will win, but in the pre-match the odd was leveled about of 1.3, for example, it would be clever to wait till it starts. During the game one «non-suspected» score or surprising injure might change the whole picture and boost the odd in several times.

The key factor in betting on live is becoming the speed of decision-making precess. A favorable bet would be made by those who are the first responding to a sharp aggravation of attacks or, for example, noticing in a broadcast that playmaker is receiving coaching instructions from team’s manager. The bookmaker would quickly receive a pool of bets and odds would be increased.

For live betting, it is extremely important the speed of broadcasting. Not so good idea to see translation on a sopcast, because you might lose a couple of minutes due to other punters. Follow the match via the broadcast of the bookmaker’s website, via official broadcast on TV or even from stadium in real life.

In this form of playing it is justified not to hurry up and try to catch the best odds, because they are changing in a moment, sometimes in significant amounts. Put the pursuit like that is a reason, which made the process so excitable, right?

Where to bet on LIVE?

In Nigeria existing a variety of bookies with quite well LIVE-betting section. Talking about the leading one, 1xBET is should be highlighted. There are a couple of reasons why it’s leading, but accordingly to LIVE-betting, of course, it is a well-developed Mobile-App for any type of operational systems. Moreover, a desktop application of bookie and personal browser are additional advantages. For instance, 1xBET is an official partner of soccer in Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) and National Soccer Team. It also the major contributor to the «Confédération africaine de football (CAF)» and «African Cup of Nations (AFCON)» tournaments.

As for other players in local gambling market, there are 15 more officially registered ones. For registration of them is responsible governmental institution — National Lottery Regulation Commission. Thus, you should not worry about protection by betting on them. The total list of them:

  1. 1xBET
  2. Bet9ja
  3. SportyBet
  4. NairaBET
  5. Access Bet
  6. NaijaBET
  7. Betway
  8. Cloud Bet
  9. BetLion
  11. Msport
  12. AfriBet
  13. Alphagramwa
  14. BlackBet
  15. BetBiga

Obviously, major part of them don’t have a mobile application for iOS and some even for Android. Although, 1xBET does. Feel free to download it via our link (especially you are using iPhone or iPad) and insert our promo code. It will allow to increase welcome bonus on first bankroll to 130€. Sounds good, right?

Brief-overview of LIVE-sections in 1xBET

It is represented by 2nd tab «LIVE» on the main menu.

Each day 1XBET appoints a match of the day, betting on which will turn you some free extra spins. In order to see, which match decided to be today’s «match of the day», click on the «Sports» tab and choose on the appropriate link. Betting on the matches of your national team, on big tournaments, such as UEFA Champions League and European League, on UFC and politics — they are all highlighted on the separate links.

Moreover, there is a betting exchange, where you can exchange a bet with some fixed odd with other punters.

In case if you can’t find the appropriate bet in the sportsline of bookmaker, feel free to use a «Bet constructor» and develop bet by yourself.

1XBET developed a convenient tab to monitor matches online. There is also a «MultiLive page», which you can customize for yourself individually. For some certain events there available broadcasting translation, they are highlighted by a little «LIVE» icon nearly the event. Mostly, broadcasting implemented for some popular events and tournaments. If there is no stream in live, the would be a graphical or text translation, which highlights all sufficient moments and allows to stay aware of game process without video.

Finally, 1XBET has a constant lottery, which draws numbers every 3-4 minutes 24/7. To take part in lottery, you need to click «LIVE» tab on main menu — then click «numbers» — choose the right one.

On mobile gadgets, it looks like the follows:

On the bottom you can see the disciplines menu, a little bit lower — “hot” events and games at the moment with all the markets mostly in favor by players.

How to get the bonus promised before

As it was promised before, by downloading their application via our link or using our code, you will be additionally rewarded for an extra sum on first input. Due to it, welcome bonus would be not 100€, but 130€ or equal amount in different currency you choose. In order to do it, just insert the code in appropriate field while passing through signing-up process and once you make your first bankroll, it will be charged automatically to your account. Good luck and have a nice betting!