This has been one of the prominent bookies with the lion’s share of customers, and the Betway app makes it even better.

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Every punter is running after quality, rewards, and serious bookmakers in which they can maturely go on with their activities.

betway apps

Withstanding that, it is a big deal to be part of the Betway community; most of the features you come across in this bookie are past our expectations.

This is due to its experience, as the company has been in the market for decades and managed to improve their services with the changing times.

Betway Apk

Betting is a world of technology whereby new trends frequently arise, and thus any bookie failing to be keen on keeping its services up to date faces the threat of running out of business.

With the technology aspect being important in the industry, Betway app downloads for both android and iOS applications are availed with their grouping based on markets.

Once you have enrolled as a Betway user, good stuff will automatically come your way, and you shall realize that there is more to the greatness of this bookie.

How to download Betway app for Android devices?

Considering that there are plenty of activities you can carry out with this application more comfortably, getting it into your android device would be great.

betway android app

Taking a comparison between the Betway mobile app and its site shows that the apk provides high notch performance.

This is in addition to its convenient nature, where running the app operations is less costly and doesn’t demand reliable internet like the site.

Having it is more of having all Betway features in a small BlackBox from which you can easily retrieve them in a shorter time. To feed the bookie apk into your device, follow these instructions:

Official method:

It is considered longer than the rest as it involves accessing the bookie site first before proceeding with the navigation until you get the right link.

Betway App

Click here to be redirected to the bookmaker’s home page. The company has included many features within the home page, and thus the mobile application is not accommodated there.

However, getting to the app page and proceeding with the loading procedure is not an issue as long as you follow this guide finitely.

Now while in the bookie’s page, click the menu option; this is at your top left, as shown in this snap.

betway app menu

At the bottom, you should see the android download option. You can load directly from here

betway download in google play

Alternatively, you can also proceed to the Betway app page.

betway download app

In the page, click the download option for Android

betway android

Direct page access:

  1. Visit the bookie’s download page here: On this window, you should see both android and iOS options.
  2. Tap the “Download the android app” icon housed in the android section, which is displayed above the iOS section.
  3. The apk directly downloads into your device.

From our authentic store:

Alternatively, you can bypass all the above procedures and still get the authentic application.

That is by using our special download links, which also guarantees you a 50% welcome gift to Betway Nigeria. To proceed with this unique method, tap the button below:

Download Betway Apk


Launch the Betway app for Android

betway install app

Having the apk file for Betway android users, it’s now time to launch and run our final product. This is how it should go down:

  1. Move to your phone settings
  2. Find the security option and tap it
  3. Proceed to permissions
  4. Finally, enable the unknown sources buttonbetway installation app
  5. Now move to your browser menu and find downloads
  6. Click the loaded apk
  7. In the resulting pane, select Install for the process to finalizebetway install
  8. That’s it; you will be having the latest version of this bookmaker’s application

How to download Betway mobile app for iOS devices?

Inclusivity is the new norm in the country’s betting industry, and bookies work hard to make sure that they reach out to every gambler in this country.

betway ios download

That has so far involved a good number of oddsetters appreciating and incorporating the idea of SMS systems to reach out to their customers who are not on smartphones.

SMS procedures have been part of Betway’s strategy, and now the app feature is expanded to meet the compatibility criteria in the most used device types.

Therefore, the iPhone app comes in to ensure that customers on iOS device types get a chance to feel the best of quality and also bet with prowess.

Download Betway

The good news about the Apple product is that it is authorized and hosted on the official iOS store, Apple AppStore. Hence, you can easily download it, and it will install automatically since it is approved by the official app’s store for these device types.

We shall focus on how to reach the app’s location and see the process of feeding it into our devices.

Official procedure

  1. Find the Betway Nigeria mobile site here
  2. Click the menu option on your top left
  3. At the bottom of the resulting dropdown menu, find the iOS app optionbetway download in app store
  4. Tap it to head to the Betway iOS app in the iTunes Store
  5. Alternatively, visit the app download page by clicking on the Betway app icon from the dropdownbetway download app
  6. In the mobile app page, click the apple icon labeled “Download on the App store.”

Direct procedure:

  1. Use this link here to get to the Betway iOS app page
  2. You should have a view of the iOS app button
  3. Click the Apple Icon

How to install Betway mobile app for iOS devices?

betway download ios

Proceeding from the above step (Step 3), you should note that it is absolutely work done.

  1. After tapping the apple option, the app loads into our device and the installation is simultaneous with the download process
  2. All you have to do now is getting to your phone screen, and tap the app to launch
  3. For new users, use the promo code XXX during registration on the app. You will be in the line of getting significant cash gifts and other rewards from the bookie.

Benefits of the Betway app (Android + iOS)

Betway mobile app pros and overall functionality advantages are quite a number. Here is a list of the primary benefits of hitting the road with the latest Betway app:

  1. No bugs: System errors or any case of the application responding to user commands inappropriately or failing to respond at all has never been heard of. It is a whole smooth experience with every feature in there and well optimized.
  2. Speed: This app is developed using secure yet straightforward technology such that its response to navigation procedures and any other resource access is at its best. Considering that the mobile site may be hit by massive traffic at times while the app is not, we can conclude that the apps are faster.
  3. Less costly: It is a matter of less internet consumption and convenience. It does not fail to operate due to a weak internet connection, and the app is a 4Mbs file size.
  4. All markets in one conducive environment
  5. Highly navigable
  6. All offers availed, and a push-button added to update users when a new gift is added.

Review of mobile site version

This is a simple site providing a sufficient view for easy navigation and location of icons representing various aspects of the website. They have housed every single element their company has to offer; hence all functionalities match the desktop version.

On the brighter side of its operations, Betway mobile site provides better performance. Thus a more significant number of users prefer its use.

Download Betway Application

The betting procedures are the same, but with the mobile version, you will not be limited to your wagering behavior. It is a free business environment where you can bet from any location, at any time and also withdraw your winnings using any of the authorized Betway payment methods.

With that kind of freedom, you will be experiencing a robust avenue with which one can join as a newbie and master pro skills fast.

Access the mobile site version from any device type here, and note that unlike the app case where you can only access using your iOS and Android devices exclusively, the site is open to any operating system.

Betway Sports App

Every new gambler in town sets off their journey as sports predictors, which is associated with the high winning potential in this market.

The app, like any other Betway platform avails quality odds in several sporting activities, namely:

  1. Soccer
  2. Basketball
  3. Ice Hockey
  4. Baseball
  5. Table tennis
  6. Handball
  7. Golf
  8. Boxing
  9. Aussie Rules
  10. Cycling
  11. Futsal
  12. Rugby
  13. Motorsports
  14. Football
  15. Snooker
  16. Cricket
  17. Biathlon

Mobile Apps Features

Here are some uses of this bookmaker’s app and reasons enough as to why you should bet through the Betway Nigeria mobile app:

  1. Use the app to create a new account
  2. Using the login feature of the app, players can access their accounts
  3. Through the app, you can enable the push button for notifications on the latest promos
  4. You can make deposits and withdrawal transactions through this app
  5. Players also live bet here
  6. It also avails the help desk option in addition to guides on how to use different resources provided by this company
  7. Customers can also make use of the company casinos, virtuals, and the Betway sportsbook

Cash-out option

Save your slip when loosing or during emergency scenarios using the new Betway cashout feature.

This will give you control over your winnings and protect you from huge losses caused by one or a few matches turning out incorrect during play.

Live stream

This forms the backbone of Betway live betting market. You can follow up on the live matches by opening the full view of their markets; at the top, there is a live stream that can help you predict accurately.

betway live1

With search certainty, players are encouraged to stake massively and also wait for the opportunist moment, when the odds are high.

In-play option

Live play of ongoing matches at Betway involves the sports market only.

Within their site’s front page, locate the in-play betting option and use it to view events you can wager on.

Free bet club

It is an exclusive offer meant for all registered Betway members.

  1. Register a new account here
  2. Make a deposit
  3. Place wagers till your invested cash hits 10,000 Naira within the week
  4. You will receive a 4026 naira stake back in your free bets wallet

Betway Casino App

After getting any of the Betway applications, all the markets will be awaiting your action.

The casino market specifically makes it easy to win colossal sums of cash in minutes or seconds.

Betway mobile bonus

There are no unique Betway rewards for mobile users, but you will have access to all Betway offers:

  1. Free correct score predictions offer to win over 350000 Naira
  2. A 50% welcome bonus
  3. Boosted odds
  4. Betway rebound boost for players experiencing a losing streak

Download Betway Apps

Supported devices

Betway supports all device types with access to the internet (smartphone, PC, and desktops). However, the app support only:

  1. iOS phones
  2. Android phones

Deposit and Withdrawal methods

To make deposits use any of the following payment systems:

  1. Visa
  2. InterSwitch
  3. Mastercards
  4. Direct bank transfer
  5. Betway shops

Withdrawal transactions can be done through the same depositing approaches with the relative procedures followed.


How to use the Betway app?

Use the app in:
1. Booking bets
2. Making payments
3. Accessing promotions
4. Creating accounts
5. Contacting support team

Can I Download the APK file On Google Play?

No. it is not available there

How to get the Betway app?

Using this apk file here

How does the Betway app work?

It portrays high-level performance; better than all of the company’s sites

How closely does the Betway mobile betting experience match that provided by the full website?

The icons, features and all functionalities match (Disparity only in the display)

What odds format does Betway offer on its mobile apps and portal?

1.Decimal format
2.Fraction format

Can I use the mobile app to register and open a new account at Betway?


Why do some of the Slot titles not appear in my mobile app?

1. Download the latest Betway app here (you might be running on an old version that has bugs).
2. The other problem may be your internet connection. Make sure you have data and a sufficient connection bandwidth

Is it safe to access Betway via mobile, especially for banking?


Does Betway offer any assistance on mobile should I have a query?

They avail their contacts on the app; so yes you will professionally get your issues attended to

Where to download Betway’s mobile app?

Use the download links provided within this page