Realtime staking is entertaining type of gambling which enables punters wager on sporting activities many of which goes on simultaneously when surfing odd on bet9ja computer version.

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Expected odds remain unpredictable and ever modifying as per nature of the specific gaming activity, providing dual enjoyment when tracking gaming activity in-play.

Initial stage is playing Racing and moving money via Sport to Racing. Move to “my account” to get it done, and tap “cashier,” hit Racing symbol, use “Sport to Racing” area, input amount preferred for transferal transaction; then tap “next.”

Extras Bet9ja

Bet9ja desktop version deals gives special incentives on collective wagers. With a total of 5 options at least, they provide more than an additional 170 percent bonus to gamer’s earning playing ticket. But the Jackpot draw is valid of all entries.

Registration in Bet9ja

It’s just simplistic as A, B, C, to enroll at Bet9ja computer; it’s definitely without charge; kindly trail these directions beneath:

Hit up Bet9ja desktop version and hit “register” symbol in right edge, input specific data in enrollment platform and send by tapping “save” tab.

It’s simple, however, please keep in mind your private information would have to be authentic because no alteration can be made to the name you want while the enrollment procedure is on-going after establishing Bet9ja account. Also reiterate bet9jacomputer version doesn’t support separate users – suggesting that such a person can’t possess fewer than single user.

Payments Bet9ja

The forms of payment offered by the site are part of items that’ll make you really applaud Bet9ja for. Being Nigerian-bound, Bet9ja supports Naira denominated lodgements and bets in local denominations.

Bookie supports a few of the widely accepted foreign visa or mastercard, with payment systems focused exclusively on delivering expedient payment options to local gamers. Financial operations can only be managed through a ‘My Account’ segment with the options given: Betting List, Acc. Statement, Transaction Registry, Payment, Withdraw, Bank teller and Mails. There are so many options of payment readily accessible.

Bet9ja app

All transactional solutions are free of charge, accessibility is seamless and payments can even be made from 100 to 9999999 Naira. There’s a guide that describes how and when to make a payments using each process through a crisp visual display.

Bank Transfer services can be used to make cash pull-outs. There really are no taxes, payment must transfer within a single 24 hours and the lowest and highest sums vary from 5000 to 9999999 Naira.

Useful step for lodgement:

  • Priority 1 – Access official site of gaming company, input details in spaces for username and passcode to access account, then, tap the Deposit tab. It’s situated in region of website where login options are.
  • Priority 2 – Choose means of lodgment that you can adopt to make lodgment on screen that appears. There’s a Continue tab adjacent to one of the lodgment methods.
  • Priority 3 – The bookmaker provides you with a comprehensive reference over how to enable lodgment transaction using the preferred lodgment option after choosing the selected bet9ja lodgment method.

Simply input chosen lodgment sum to send, tap Continue tab; then tap Confirm key to continue transfer to WebPay platform. Just input username and passcode as enrolled user on this platform.

Useful step for withdrawal: Tap Deposit tab once more to cashout from Bet9ja, then tap Withdrawal tab on menu situated left of the screen. The withdrawal transactions will only be rendered via bank transfer, but for bookie’s punters, it’s 100% free.

Generally, money show up under 24 hrs of cashout request in gamer’s bank account. Request includes the following details that needs to filling in: cashout sum requested; bank card digits; gamer’s account type; either savings or current; then, bank name.


How simply deposit with Debit Card?

Move to “my wallet” segment at upper right edge then hit “deposit” tab; press Cards photo; enter Sum then hit “next” tab; identify your Card kind; tap “agree with Policy and Make Transaction” tab; abide by transaction guidelines.

How to withdraw in Bet9ja computer version?

Navigate to “my password” portion in upper right edge; then tap “withdraw”. Press “Bank Transfer” icon. Input info details in open space, before hitting “next”. Wire transactions via bank is super cheap without fees.