Fast growing gambling industry in the region doesn’t seem to slow down and developing in enormous pace. Inside this growth, it should be highlighted another one trend of industry’s transformation in online form of playing. According to the last researches, the industry of gambling in Nigeria was estimated at more than $2 billion and continue to increase in quickest pace. Due to the analysis of NAN (News Agency of Nigeria), approximately 60 million citizens of Nigeria from 18 to 40 are engaged in sports bettingб which is almost a 30% of total population.

A major impact on this growth connected with the process of legalization of this industry by a government, which brought it to a new level. Started in 2005 with a National Lottery Act and initiating of the governmental regulatory institution. It listed 16 official gambling providers in the country, which is including:

  2. Bet9ja — KC Gaming Ltd
  3. NaijaBET — Naijabet Limited
  4. NairaBET — Over the Top Entertainment Ltd
  5. SportyBet — Sporty Internet Limited
  6. Access Bet — TM Gaming Ltd
  7. iBET — Promoserve Inter Links Ltd
  8. Betway — Digi Bay Limited
  9. BlackBet — Blackbet Ltd
  10. BetBiga — Crystral gaming Limited
  11. Cloud Bet — Interactive Gaming Solutions Limited
  12. BetLion — VisaTech Limited
  14. Msport — Mobile Sport Limited
  15. AfriBet — Africa Betting Company Nigeria Ltd
  16. Alphagramwa — AlphaGram West Africa Ltd

Another reason connected with the impact of digitalization process, which has made gambling much more convenient.

sites bonus amount bonus type bonus note limits
Bet9ja 100% of deposit deposit bonus 9.5 250€ or 100 000₦
1xbet 100% of deposit deposit bonus 9.5 250€ or 100 000₦
Nairabet 100% of deposit deposit bonus 8.0 62€ or 30 000₦
Surebet247 100% of deposit deposit bonus 7.5 60€ or 25 000₦
Lionsbet 100% of deposit deposit bonus 9.5 250€ or 100 000₦
Accessbet 100% of deposit deposit bonus 9.5 250€ or 100 000₦
Hamabet 100% of deposit deposit bonus 7.5 60€ or 25 000₦
22bet 100% of deposit deposit bonus 8.5 125€ or 50 000₦
Betfarm 100% of deposit deposit bonus 7.0 50€ or 20 000₦
Melbet x3 deposit free-bet 9.0 minimum 10€ or 4 000₦
Betbonanza 100% of deposit deposit bonus 9.5 250€ or 100 000₦

Nowadays betting via the Internet is growing in the quickest pace and traditional offline gamble is fading to secondary plan. It is also connected with a new generation of punter came to the stage and intercepting the initiative.

The fact that Nigeria is a country which closely love sports affects this increase either. Nigerian love football and now they love betting on football in additives. Even an 1xBET has become an official partner of region Football Federation and National Team’s sponsor.

All these bookies actively use promo code system, which would be explained further. For all punters who support us, it is presented an extra welcome bonus amount in 1xBET, which increases the traditional one to 130€. All you need to do is to download their Mobile App via our link or insert the code in appropriate field.

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Next there would be given a brief overview of existing major players and described the process of obtaining welcome bonus. Enjoy your reading!

What is a Bonus from Bookmaker?

To clarify the definition of bookie’s bonuses and their types, let’s make a brief summary about it. In order to acquire new punters to bet via them, all companies provide a «welcome bonus» system in their websites. Overall, there are 2 main types of bonuses: free-bet and cash-bonus. Let’s look on them in details:

  • Free-bet — a virtual amount of money on your balance that you can use for playing almost with the same conditions as with fiat money. In case you win, you would obtain your profit. In case not — you losing your virtual money, such a pity! But nothing more, especially fiat currency costs, you would not face. One the main condition of free-bet — you can use it one time only. The amount of it might be different a lot: from decades to thousands of Nairas. Bookies reward punters with a free-bet for signing-up, verification of profile or placing first bet. For example, in 1xBET you can obtain free-bet with our promo code filling in.
  • Cash-bonus — a fiat money charged to the account. Usually, the sum depends on the first bankroll amount and equal to 50% or 100% of it. Of course, it limited by some amount, so you won’t be able to put on a million euros and get one more. Everything is not so simple. But there is one key thing you should be aware: cash-out may has a quite sophisticated conditions for withdrawals. They requires to place a betslips for a couple of times, the number varies from each to each bookie.

Obviously, free-bets are more in favor between punters. The bonuses are created in order to obtaining them, right?

How to obtain it?

The rules for obtaining them are the same beyond all betting companies. All you need to do is insert a special code, such as XXX , in special field during the signing-up. Let’s see it step-by-stem on example with 1xBET.

Once you visited their website, there are 4 main types of signing-up: «One-click», «via phone», «via email» and «via social networks»:

  • One-click — the simplest one, it would take no more than few seconds to pass through it. However, to make your first bankroll, you have to fill in your personal data, as well as protect your account better.
  • Via phone — this way requires from you a telephone number, on which SMS confirmation code will be sent. Once you confirmed it, registration is finished
  • Via email — generally, it is also requiring a mobile number from you beyond email, but at the end of this way, you would have an almost completed account for betting
  • Via your profile in social networks — extremely useful way in case you have a profile in one of the listed social networks, like «VK», «Google+», «Telegram» and others. Your data just would be imported from them

On each of this stages there would be a space to inset our special code, which will increase your first bankroll bonus. It is highlighted on a screenshot below:

Once you would pass the stage of inserting your data and confirming the procedure, you would become officially registered user and bonus would be charged by the system with the first deposit would be in.

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It should be mentioned that it also might require to pass verification and provide your photo and scans of documents. Thus, insert only true information about yourself, that might prevent and protect you in case of facing a crowd or some other problems appeared. But once account verified, there is no need to worry about safeness anymore, because 1xBET reliable company, licensed in African region.

Other Bonus Programs

Beyond traditional welcome bonus, Nigerian bookies have their own bonus campaigns offered to the punters. The most popular one’s, which are presented in most of the companies, connected with betslips return in form of free-bets. For example, MerryBet returns losing betslips on Premier League in England in case the match was over with draw.

Another popular bonus feature maned cash-out, which allows to obtain a part of possible winning in accumulator betslip even if one of the outcomes hasn’t succeeded. Thus, if your accumulator with 10 events has 1 event failed and 9 win, you would obtain the winning, but a little bit less then it could be. It may be extremely useful sometimes.

Moreover, on some days of weeks different bookie’s establish special offers, like «Lucky Fridays» in NairaBet. It may be a doubled odds on all bets made on particular day. They are also some large campaigns with enormously valuable prices, e.g. a sportscar lottery in NairaBET as a 1st winner’s prize.

By the way, lotteries is extremely demanded among both players and bookies. They vary from TV programs on the national level or simple number’s lottery game, where raffles are generating by special hardware automatically. For each player it could be founded the most suitable variation, which might make him or her the happiest person in just one moment.

Finally, on major events, such as worldwide famous tournament or Champions League Final, most of the companies usually rise the odds in order to increase punters auditory. It might be useful to subscribe for a companies in social networks to follow the latest promotions and raffles.