This section would demonstrate what to do to create free Bet9ja profile; either mobile device as well as via computer.

Mobile Enrolment

Enlisting via mobile app adopts the very identical procedure as the computer which needs not many fill-ups. A page shows “Login” atop right segment. Launching Bet9ja enrolment, implies ticking the button.bet9ja login

For enrolment, punter’s e-mail, first cum last names, plus other private data on page appearing on-screen. Choose “Continue” tab for completion of betnaija enrolment. One could fill-in bet9ja promocode if one already possesses it. Be sure the data you received is correct.

If not, this might adversely affect the likelihood of getting payments. Last stage is therefore agreeing on terms and conditions of site. You’d need to tap “Create Account” key if this’s accomplished.

Enrolment on PC

Head to homepage, www.bet9ja.com would be first stage. Start your Bet9a enrolment, by tapping enrolment key. Once gamer does that, separate page loads. This is a simple move. Registrant has to type in data, including a valid electronic mail, throughout places specified. If punter already have, he/she can input bet9ja booking code.

Next is acknowledging a user agreement, along with site’s conditions. Gamer has to ensure he/she clocks 18+. Finally, tap “Login.” Bet9ja login ID is pushed to gamer’s electronic mail following a confirmation link.bet9ja registration

Old mobile bet9ja account login

Gamers who sought after oldmobile bet9ja login can do so by inputting old-mobile.bet9ja.com and login cum password. If gamer decides wagering; this is done by tapping BET tab, list appears through which you find suitable sport with series of evnts aimed at certain particular category.

Download Bet9ja app

Pick event competition or tourney. Tap chosen odd then press. In stake slip, right of dashboard, options appear (basket symbol). Type in sum you’d like staking, before wagering.

Funding Bet9ja Account

Bet9ja profile account lodgment transactions comes in variety of methodologies that’ll include digital and practical technologies.

Guarantee Trust Bank Method

This is dedicated to cash lodgments; also attracts 100 Naira transactional charges. Simply tap “online banking”; which provides “online banking” which refers gamer to online banking system, select “click here to login”.

Gamer fills user data from Guarantee Trust Bank, then gamer inputs password with keypad, then continue by tapping green tab.

A list is available for selection, tap “payments and collections”. Gamer would tap “other payments”; try to navigate downwards, pick “KC Gaming Networks Ltd,” then, validate imbursement.

Gamer is commanded to page, someplace he/she would input special Bet9ja userID and sum chosen for lodgment. Gamer is made to sanction specific particulars.

Then transactional charge is verified, gamer selects the specific account for debiting, gamer is expected to respond to an undisclosed query, then inputting token-generated 6-digits, tap “pay”. This’ll finalize fruitful imbursement and operation receipt is revealed.

Online PayCom Transfer

Gamer should kindly visit mypaycompido; then log-on via cellnumber and passcode. Afterwards, tap “send money” tab on downward list left of webpage. Choose “Bet9ja” from list of selections. Gamer would input his/her bet9ja mobile login user ID and sum to be lodged.

Download Bet9ja apk

Then, gamer should check particulars, entering pincode via on-screen keyboard; tap “send money”. Gamer receives consent via text message cum status of gamer’s transaction.


Approach, Quikteller affiliated automated teller machine. Slide-in card and input pincode. Afterwards, choose “Pay Bills” or “Quikteller” subject to automated teller machine. Specify gamer’s kind of account. Gamer is commanded to pick an imbursement choice selecting neither “Pay Merchant” nor “Others” contingent upon automated teller machine.

Gamer shall be urged for a Merchant Code, displaying 04226901 meant for Betnaija. Then input gamer’s reference digits Bet9ja userID seen on login bet9ja account Internet domain in top left portion; input sum for lodgment, cum cellnumber and select “proceed”. A confirmation notice is received by gamer confirming payment is made successfully.


Approach any affiliate bank commercial or merchant bank. Make cash lodgments into account using PayDirect via filling in lodgment slip with these info: Account name –Bet9ja, Gamer: full name, Account Number: Betnaija login. Then give lodgment slip to teller clerk; imbursement is handled and receipt dispensed.

Bet9ja Promotion Code

Through NARAPREDICT, gamer is able to check-in to see options on bet9ja check promotion code if it’s available, to maximize his or her wagering returns which is very essential for seasoned gamers. Gamer could perhaps shudder thinking what it’s that 2020 Bet9ja promotion code can however indeed surely bring to gamers?

Bet9ja promo code

Accessing earnings, punter should obey bookie’s requirements for bet9ja match codes and odds; which have bookmaking criteria punter need to fulfill in obtaining bonus money off earnings. Look it up, due to likelihood to run a loss on funds for any wrongdoing. We’ve got most relevant requirements punters must accomplish:

For first time punters, try and ensure to enroll with inimitable name, electronic mail, residential address and ATM card, note, you can’t be former punter. Input promo code from NARAPREDICT it might be the best option guaranteed that you’ll be qualified for promo reward of 100 percent.

Bet9ja Welcome Bonus

Bet9ja startles each prospective gamers with a supporting 100 Naira present to raise every newly enlisted gamers’ wagering fund, heading out into a promising basis for a gaming working relationship.

In order to be allowed to earn your 100% Welcome Bonus money, a sufficient initial payment of 100 Naira must be made by new gamblers by means of already functional transactional methods into their wagering account. In this case, a gamer is subjected to remember and adhere to bet9ja bonus terms and conditions so the bonus returns could be withdrawn.

These strict rules must be followed: The offer will only be valid once for each gamer account. Your lowest possible payment to take advantage of the offer is about 100 Naira.

Single or multiple bets must be made at the current market value of your down payment on either of the betting markets showcasing 3.0 or higher odds.

According to bet9ja withdrawal rules, the highest possible expensed sum for this welcome reward is 100000 Naira, which means that whenever you make a payment of 100000 Naira, you’ll end up receiving a 100% corresponding 100000 Naira as credit.

Bet9ja Bonus betting

Pay minimum 100 Naira preliminary payment. Take delivery of sums the tune of 100000 Naira bonus as a 100 percent perfectly matched deposit reward. Make wagers equals or larger than 10x the deposit before funds are withdrawn.

Bet9Ja Sports Wagering Markets

Bet9ja provides gamblers with diverse range of wagering opportunities, additionally, to its myriad of wagering methods including live-streaming and a cash-out function, which are underscored via decimal odds.

The variety of choices ultimately depends very much on the sporting activity in question which, to list a few, which may include first-half of a game, all Goals, over/under, Home/Away, first team or second team to win, draws, total corners and throw-ins, number of yellow and red cards.

Bet9ja Payment Methods

Being Nigerian-bound, Bet9ja supports Naira denominated lodgments and bets in local denominations. Bookie supports a few of the widely accepted foreign visa or mastercard cards, with payment systems focused exclusively on delivering expedient payment options to local gamers.bet9ja deposit

Financial operations can only be managed through a ‘My Account’ segment with alternatives given: Betting List, Acc. Statement, Transaction Registry, Payment, Withdraw, Bank teller and Mails.


How do I register on bet9ja?

Initial step, you’ll have to visit official Bet9ja homepage. Afterwards tap the registration tab emblem. Gamer can see it in top left section on the webpage nor in bar below mobile version of Bet9ja, tap the register tab.

How can I bet bet9ja?

On left menu, pick gaming activity. Find/select tourneys and tap “view”. Choose the activities on which you’d like wagered and pick odds. Alternatives will be applied to wagering slip instantly. Pick “Bet”, then validate wagering by pressing “OK” to fill the Amount area.

What is bet9ja online platform?

Bet9ja online platform is a Nigerian brand an electronic bookie that actually provides wagers on major professional sports competition.