With the many bookies in Nigeria, it may be quite a task for you to make a decision on which company to invest with. The industry is highly competitive, and thus companies are coming up with intuitive features that are meant to be customer based.

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However, without the perfect exposure at Betway, it is evident that noting the best of the best in the industry will almost be impossible. This is a house of fortunes from which you don’t just make extra earnings, but you can earn life-changing cash.

Taking a brief look at this bookie’s features, we can give it a near-perfect score with most of its products meeting the market demands.

We are all seeking a variety, and some extensive betting resources which are subject to change with the dynamic world of technology, and this company provides precisely that.

After you join this bookie, a free twenty thousand Naira budget awaits you, in addition to other cash gifts once you use the promo code XXX during enrollment.

If you are a registered user, follow these instructions and access your profile to play your way:

  1. First Step: Tap Betway login
  2. You will be redirected to the Log in formbetway login
  3. Enter your details and hit the “Login” option to complete

Betway App

Betway Sign Up in detail

At this company, it is not about whether you will ever stand a chance to make huge money, but it is about when.

With that in mind, you need a Betway profile to be in millionaires’ queue; and by that, it does not mean that you will have to wait for a turn.

You can join today, play like a pro, and start enjoying your success the same day or within a short time. With a smartphone or a regular phone, interested potential customers can now enroll with the bookie.

Use the smartphone to access the signup feature as instructed here, or use a regular phone to use access SMS registration (this also works for smartphones). Here is the general sign up procedure which will also earn you a free 20000 Naira once you register using the provided links:

  1. To reach the company joining form click here
  2. You should be viewing the first pane after step onebetway register
  3. Provide your phone number, names, password, and email. If interested in several Betway cash gifts, get it from us by applying the signup code XXX.
  4. In the next pane, you will provide the verification details. These include your nationality, ID number, and date of birth.betway registration account
  5. Make sure you provide the right details (only official names and all other relevant information) before pressing the “Register” option
  6. You are now registered, proceed to Betway sign in, and access all facilities availed by this company to aid your betting unlimitedly.

Betway Online profile Creation – Quick Guide

On this one, you have to be on your smartphone or desktop device; ensure that there is a reliable internet connection and proceed.

Online enrollment is the recommended approach as your details gets verified besides the necessary creation of a fresh profile, hence you will not need to go through the process again. To proceed with the online enrollment, access the website page from:

  1. Desktop Betway registration form
  2. Find the Smartphone (any OS type) enrollment form
  3. Alternatively, get the latest version of the Betway app on iPhone, iPad, or Android phones and access the joining feature with more convenience.
  4. Get the android apk file here.
  5. Go top Betway iOS for the iPhone application
  6. Once you have launched your app, run it;
  7. Finally, at the top, locate a Register icon and proceed.

Betway Apk

Betway Sign Up Step by Step

betway full registrationAbove is the summarized approach, which will take you to various pages on your phone and desktop during sign up. But now, you need a more exceptional detailed set of instructions, and we got them here for you.

Everybody is rushing to get their accounts, and they seem in so much hurry that they end up skipping some steps. You shouldn’t get an incomplete profile, get it done at once in the beginning.

Have the profile verified and ensure that from then, the only thing worrying you is how you will take down the rewards, markets, and cash gifts from the bookie.

Mobile site sign up

  1. Find the Betway mobile site here. This should redirect you to the homepage of this bookie’s mobile website.
  2. Locate the signup option on your top left
  3. Tap the button to head to the sign up pane
  4. Enter the required details in all fields availed at first form
  5. Click next at the bottom of this form
  6. Enter your address and the other verification details
  7. Proceed to submit the details to the company and your new profile will be worked on in a matter of minutes or seconds

Desktop sign up procedure

With a stable browser like chrome or any other, you can access the enrollment feature into this bookie from any desktop type, be it Windows, Linux or any other OS.

To register with the company using your desktop, stringently go by the following instructions:

  1. Find their enrollment pane here
  2. Locate the sign up option at the top
  3. Tap the button found at step 2
  4. Enter first pane requirementsbetway desktop registration
  5. Select the “next” option
  6. Fill in the second pane
  7. NB: Make sure you use official details only
  8. Complete the signing up process

If you need to enroll by a simple text message, send “Accept” to 6446.

Betway Login

To be in a position of accessing the payment function, use the Betway markets, and take advantage of their promo variety, you must log in.

This is a simple concept which becomes even more interesting the moment you have a view of the company’s login form. These are the simple approaches usable for Nigerian customers:

On mobile

  1. Open the bookie’s site here, or run their app on your device
  2. Locate the login button at the top of these platforms
  3. Tap the found login button
  4. Enter your phone and password
  5. Proceed to your profile and start investing

Through desktops

  1. Go to company desktop website here
  2. At the top position, you should be able to view the login fields and a login button
  3. Fill in your details and proceed to login

Betway Sign Up Bonus

For your first deposit to this bookie, you will be getting an NGN 20, 000 rewards in your free bets wallet.betway bonus registration

The terms of this offer are:

  1. The user receiving this gift should be new
  2. Place bets on jackpots and sports which should feature a total stake equal to three times the amount of the first deposit
  3. Your slips must have resulted or had at least one result from the picks
  4. Free bets have no hidden requirements, and you shall get the total won amount minus the staked free bet amount

Betway Plus Loyalty Scheme

Here are some of the plus loyalty functionalities you can access from the company platforms and make your betting journey a short and fruitful one:

  1. Login forms
  2. Membership access
  3. Markets: Casinos, a sportsbook, and virtual gaming are all taken care of finitely
  4. Promotions: These are several, but they guarantee win boosts in addition to the uplifting of the user’s will to keep playing
  5. Enhanced backend technology: Their systems show how this bookie is well organized. Every accessible button is at your disposal, well-described, and strategically positioned to make sure that you have an easy time during navigation.
  6. Payments systems: The payments variety just stress on the efficiency and effectiveness of this bookie in the Nigerian industry.

Those are just highlights of the basics from the long list of features, capacities, and capabilities this company portrays within their online platforms.

Download Betway Apk

However, to access and use any of their resources unlimitedly, access the relative pane here .

How Does Betway Plus Work?

This is a loyalty reward scheme rewarding users for playing in sports, casino, and bingo games provided by the bookie.

The thing here is that you must be a member already, and you will be earning free bets with casino bonuses to motivate your ambitions.

Betway Deposit

betway depositHere are the main Betway deposit methods in Nigeria:

  • Paystack credit card
  • Paystack debit card
  • Paystack EFT
  • GT bank
  • USSD M-Cash
  • Paga

Profile Verification

Enter the correct details during registration, and you will not need to seek the verification functionality.

How can I complete the verification?

Use the correct address, ID card number, and names to make sure that you get verified as an authentic user.


How to enroll at betway?

Find the profile creation form here

Is this a safe company to do business with?

Digi Bay Ltd, the company behind this firm’s operations is licensed and safe

Can I bet on multiple Sports?

That is what this company avails

How long does it take for my deposit to be processed?

Transactions are processed immediately

Does Betway offer Live Games in the casino?

Yes there is a live casino avenue

How to recover your password

Use the forgot password link, you can see it within the login form