Rank the World Cup kits including England, Germany, Spain and Brazil

with the world Cup just over two weeks away, have your say on the kits that will be on show in Russia and vote for your favourites!

Each of the 32 teams taking part in the 2018 tournament have released new kits ahead of their campaigns, and we want your opinions on the home strips for the sides.

Some have stuck with tradition with a nod to their history, others have kept thing simple while a few are erring on the wacky side and are sure to stand out this summer.

You can vote for more than one kit if you approve – just hit the up-vote button to the right – and if you are not a fan, keep scrolling until you find a favourite.



2 Germany
3. Australia
4. England
5. Switzerland
6. Belgium
7. France
8. Brazil
9. Colombia
10. Croatia
11. Argentina
12. Uruguay
13. Portugal
14. Spain
15. Iceland
16. Panama
17. Mexico
18. South Korea
19. Peru
20. Japan
21. Sweden
22. Egypt
23. Saudi Arabia
24. Poland
25. Denmark
26. Costa Rica
27. Morocco
28. Senegal
29. Tunisia
30. Serbia
31. Russia
32. Iran
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