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This post has been written to enlighten our readers, users, bettors and everyone else, on the categories we provide predictions for and a general  overview of the operations of 1XBET. Please ask your questions as a comment and it would be treated appropriately.

  1. First rule of betting is “Never bet money you are afraid to loose”. Many people always make this mistake by using their pocket allowance or rent fee. When such people make bets they almost always lose the bets, reason for this is because of the fear impacted in them by the aftermath of the result. I have a friend who bets and wins at a percentage of 92-95% winning rate, he always prepares himself mentally before making a huge bet.
  2. The very first question on our readers’  mind might be – Can bets be predictable or unpredictable, can you be so good at predicting a bet that you will be a 100% accurate always? These are very important questions one needs to ask themselves before making a bet. First of all if you are making a bet in a betting shop for a game that is to be played in the future, you are the same as someone trying to get his wife pregnant. Why? You cannot make such a bet and expect to win always, sometimes you can win while most times you will loose, even if it is Barcelona against Villareal.
    – For those who bet 10 games together expecting to win all at once you also fall into the same category as the group of people mentioned above. It is rather wiser to bet one game at a time with a high budget than placing half that amount to win big. Yes it is true that people win and win big but that is one in a few. Playing your chances on being that few is again same as the group mentioned above.
    – It is very easy to make profits from betting without even breaking a sweat. Matches with a coefficient of 1.5 are one of the easiest to win, why? That’s because placing a huge sum of money on that coefficient is gonna give you profit but you have to be really sure of the team you are betting on.

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    – One of the easiest way of continuos winning is online betting. Many people think that online betting is just another method “yahoo yahoo or 419”, but i beg the differ. Betting online is one of the easiest and fastest way to make money off betting. You can sit down and study every bet by looking at the previous games, line ups, injury factors and you are opportuned to watch the games online, where you can see how the game is changing and when to place a bet.
    – Study your bets. Studying your bets does not literally mean checking the players profile, or the bench but studying the game strategy and direction. For example if you place a bet that Chelsea will get above 8 corners before the game starts and on the 20th minute you see that Chelsea already has 5 corner kicks and are loosing against Westham, what are you going to do? You will notice that at that time they will increase the amount of corner kicks to 10 or 11, a wise bettor will immediately place bet on above 10 or 11 because Chelsea is down and will continue to press as long as they are loosing while Westham will continue to defend. Using this method you can predict the outcome hence making it predictable.
    – People who make bets only on wins or loss are the same as the group of people waiting for lightnening to strike at a place twice. To win you need to place bets on different weird bets like amount of goals, amount of corner kicks, goal kicks, throw-ins, goal difference, yellow cards, red cards, penalties etc. Sometimes it is easier to win when you place bets on these parameters than on only win and loss. I also wrote some guidelines as well on this page.

  3. While using , you may come across certain terms which are not familiar,especially to novice bettors. Check our page “Betting Dictionary“.
  4. Bonuses.
    Knowing when to bet and when to deposit is very important because most betting companies always give promo codes or bonuses, depending on the time of deposit as well as the amount you are trying to deposit. I also discussed about different bonuses offered by 1xbet.



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