Having completed a move from Barcelona to PSG for €222 million, we look at the things one can buy for that amount.
Today we will be looking at 10 things €222 million can buy.
This article was written with the help of Sourav Bose.
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At PSG – Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar Jr. will earn;
A year: £24,720,000 (N11.9bn)
A month: £2,060,000 (N995m)
A week: (N288m)
A day: £73,571 (N36m) 
An hour: £3,065 (N1.4m)

  • 6 Greek islands

    This one is especially for people who travel a lot, why travel and spend money on an island when you can own 6 of them. Imagine owning six islands, welcoming visitors to tour your islands. It is the perfect form of revenue especially in a country that makes a huge amount of revenue from tourism. what do you think?
  • 3 thousand AUDI Q7 2018
    For car enthusiast, this is the perfect way to spend such funds, the amount is more than enough to buy more than 2000 AMGs, 2000 ferraris, Lamborghinis.
  • 342 thousand Iphone 7 plus342 thousand Iphone 7 plus is enough for your generations generation including their extended families. You will be able to buy any upcoming Iphone that comes with a parachute (i.e if we reach that kind of technological advancement).
  • 120 Vilas in Dubai
    That dream house or villa you promised your mum, mother or anyone can become a reality 120 times. You would need a lot of girl friends or mums to occupy them.
  • 111 million beer bottles

    I do not think getting drunk will be a priority for someone with that amount of money, but not withstanding he can invite everyone in Ghana, Luxembourg and Finland and still have leftovers for another night. It goes without saying that he can create his own heaven if he happened to be an alcoholic.
  • Could go to the top of the Eiffel tower for over 13 million times

    Paris will become your dinner spot.
  • Two of Bill gate’s Bespoke mentions
  • Can make over 1 thousand journeys to the stratosphere.
  • Tuition, room and board for 4,157 students at Harvard this year.
  • Almost 70 million tall flat whites from starbucks.


You can get almost anything you want but you can never buy something.




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