Wayne Rooney has not asked to leave Everton, says Sam Allardyce

Rooney has agreed a £12m move in principle to MLS side DC Uniteda>a>a>a>a>a> and Allardyce said he will speak to the former England captain on Friday about his future plans.

“My understanding is there seems to have been some negotiation somewhere along the line but as for clarity as to whether Wayne is staying or going we’ll see later on,” sa Allardyce.a>

“I don’t get involved in transfers or negotiations but there seems to be an interest from DC United. Only when I speak to him today [Friday] will I find out where the situation lies.

“I’m comfortable with any player who wants to leave but let’s put this right. Wayne Rooney has not asked to leave and neither has Wayne Rooney had a confrontation with me.

“We have not been in any difficult situations with me. We are two adults and we talk.”

There had been suggestions Rooney had demanded the guarantee of regular football next season, but Allardyce rubbished that idea.

“Nobody can be guaranteed of playing. How, as a manager, can you guarantee anyone will play?” he added.

“If they don’t play well, you can’t select them. If you do play well, they are in the team and that’s it. That’s the simple fact of the matter.

“No manager or coach can guarantee a player his place in the side.”

Rooney is Everton top-scorera> this season with 11 goals in all competitions and Allardyce pointed to the need for more goals from other players when asked how they might break into the top six in the Premier League next season.

“Recruitment next summer is the start of the process to trying to achieve that goal of what we tried to achieve this season,” he said.

“That next level of recruitment is to get quality players who can get into the team and make it better than they are at this moment in time.

“There is an area we need to improve and that’s goals. Wayne is the leadingoalscorera> but quite a few of those are penalties, so the main aim if you are going to finish higher up in the league is how many goals can your team score.

“We need another goalscorer who can score 15 goals or more in the Premier League next year. The goal tally has to be at a certain level to achieve sixth [place in the Premier League] and we are way below that level at this moment in time.

“It would need two players to be at 15 goals a season and your midfielders and wide players to be in the sevens, eights, 10s.

“That’s the challenge. Across the board we need another midfielder and another defender. If there were three high-quality players I think that would be enough to help Everton challenge higher up next season.”

Allardyce was also asked about his future at the club, given the negative reaction to him from some Toffees fans.

“I have a contract. I have a one-year contract. Until such a time as someone says ‘I do not want you to fulfil that contract’, then I have a contract,” said Allardyce when asked about his future at Goodison Park.

As for whether uncertainty about his future at the club might affect his planning for next season, Allardyce replied: “I’ve already done it. It’s planned, it’s planned. It’s there.”



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