Football players vs NBA players

Football players vs NBA players has been a subject of debate between fans of both games. Football has always been at the top of sports pyramid as the worlds most loved game, while on the other hand NBA is gaining popularity around the globe. This is a phenomenon that seems difficult for some people to comprehend. Both forms of sport are usually played on a grassroot level, which allows fans to expertise in the art ad build interest in the game at a very young age. Even after retirement or failure to play due to a career ending injury, fans of each respective sport still desire to see and watch the games.

For starters, they all need to run around with a ball. Both games require a certain amount of skill like strength, agility, speed etc to excel. The similarities of both sports are so closely related, both games comprises of one-on-one battles, tackles as well as formations, team plays e.t.c. Another similarity is that both games has this thrilling action, skill, narrative on display, sportsmanship, passion that drives fans to support their favorite teams or players with all their might. Fandom becomes an all-consuming, life-altering religion where star players function as the high priests. Both games pay their players handsomely, their players sign advertisement deals, they basically live like kings and queens.

Some players from both world of sports tend to have similar playing skills, approach to the game, ball controll with their feets or hands. Here are several Football players and their NBA equivalents.

Luis Suarez Is DeMarcus Cousins


Despite the huge size different, Cousin has never bitten an opponent yet but when you watch both players they have some distinguishing similarities betwwen them. They get very volatile on the court, energetic, fight opponents even insult referees if they don’t like the referees decision. They are both game changers and are always ready to take anyone or team on.

Sergio Aguero Is Stephen Curry


The achievements and skill of these two players is almost the complete recipe to dominate all kinds of sport world wide. Many times league golden boot winner and 2 time MVP back to back winner is just one of the few awards both players have under their belt. The acuracy that Kun Aguero has missed with the navigation that Steph has can locate any post or net wherever it is. These players are very offensive, score efficiently and set up their team mates as well with ease. They are both getting to their prime of their respective careers. We are hoping on seeing more of them these next coming years.

Neymar + Kante Is Russell Westbrook


These players are creative energetic, brilliant and electrifying. They have all proven capable of carrying their own respective team whenever called upon. Neymar’s creativity and flair can be compared to that of Westbrook but not his strength, on the other hand Kante’s work capability and energy can be compared to Westbrook’s. Kante was rumoured to be able to give a through pass and catch his own pass, the same can also be said about Westbrook.


Paul Pogba Is Anthony Davis


Just 24 years old, these two players are only beginning to scratch the surface of their potential. They are what you call a “do-it-all” kind of players. Paul Pogba can play defensive as well as attacking style of football. He gives the fans a show everytime he plays and his celebrations are always the highlight of the game. A. Davis is a magnificent and efficient big that can take the role of a point guard, shooting guard or shooting forward if needed. Unlike Pogba he is not that into celebration but they are both relentless in pursuing their goals.


Eden Hazard Is James Harden


These two players are crutial players in their respective teams, They both have a unique ball control and attacking sense of play. Hazard was named PFA Player of the year, while Harden finished second in NBA MVP voting after leading the Rockets to the Western Conference finals. Their dribbling skill is amongst the best in the world, making them uncontrollable and nightmare for any defender. Lastly their celebrations are always on point.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Kevin Durant


Justifiably both players are the best in their respective sports. Both players have justifiably earned worldwide acclaim for their skill, and each (Durant in 2013, and Ronaldo in 2013 and 2014) has recently taken home the award for top player in his own sport. Each is a deadeye shooter from long range. And yet, they’re just not quite the best. It’s no slight to them, and in many other eras they would be the best. It’s just that right now both Ronaldo and Durant have a guy (Lionel Messi and LeBron James) who’s just a little bit ahead of them.


Lionel Messi Is LeBron James


There’s just no other way to say it: these guys are the best. They’re not just the best by default, either; these are two of the greatest of all time at what they do. Both are creative geniuses who, if they so choose, could spend entire games setting up teammates and racking up league-best assist totals. Conversely, they could also choose to focus entirely on scoring, pacing their leagues in scoring. Instead, these two serve as the focal point for their teams, picking their spots and balancing their dual roles as both facilitator and main man. While both have recently faced premature questions about being in decline, they each responded with fantastic individual seasons that should allay all concerns for the foreseeable future.






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