Possibly the return of Dereck Rose

Can Dereck Rose return to his former glory with the Cavaliers?

This is the question many basketball fans ask themselves when they read the trade rumours about the free agent. Basically if he metamorphosize his game then definitely it will be a game changer for Cleveland who are seeking for a point guard to play from the bench. Kyrie Irving is great and all but not a machine, playing too many minutes in the finals against Golden state really lectured Cleveland on the necessity of having wonderful players on their second team. Nevertheless Dereck rose is a shot creator which is a quality that the Cavaliers bench lacked throughout last season. In the beginning of the year , LeBron James voiced his complaint to the Cavaliers GM, requesting a “playmaker”. He wanted to make clear that he’d benefit from having another ball handler to ease the long and winding NBA season, even though he and Kyrie Irving would handle the ball for Cleveland the vast majority of the time.
Would signing Dereck Rose bring the Cavaliers to the same level as Golden state?



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