Betting possible outcomes should always be at least a fifty-fifty win loose scenario, but let’s be honest, the larger group of bettors in Kenya almost make it a sure source of income for the bookies. Saying it’s the betting sites fault for not educating the punters would be unfair considering they are in it to make revenue and also they did their own homework in studying the target market to begin with. So we hereby offer ourselves as a guide to educate you on the must-knows of sports betting so that every wager you stake shall always be a fair calculated risk.


The essentials of online betting

To maximize your chances of a hefty win you need to grasp the fundamentals of betting and adopt gambling qualities. All-roundedness, a key attribute, is one of them, especially if you happen to be a fan of an involved team. Unlike following a league or a championship, betting needs a reasonable mind and a complete absence of emotions. Once acquired this and an additional crucial third aspect of betting literacy and always being well updated, you are good to go.

Sign up bonuses

 The first impression of a new place is always crucial to the overall opinion of a place. We all want warm welcome everywhere. It is in our nature to crave for appreciation for everything we do to benefit another person even though it does us in equal chances. And a positive choice towards joining a betting site from a pool isn’t an exception. Sign up bonuses does that in the betting world. Some bookies will match your first deposit with a certain percentage up to a certain amount through what is called a deposit bonus. For example, a bookmaker offers a deposit bonus of 100% up to N250.  This means you will receive a bonus of N50 if you make a first deposit of N50, and a maximum bonus of N100 if you deposit N100. Here in Nigeria, it mostly happens in free bets.

Other bookies have fixed amounts for set deposit margins as a way of offering sign up bonuses. For instance, N25 if you deposit an amount between N50 and N200, N50 free bets if you deposit from N200 to N4999 and N83 for any amount above N5000.


Unique offers could vary from season to a betting site. You just need to be vigilant during the time you want to open an account to make sure you get the best offer out there. Also remember, sign up offers alone cannot be used to settle on a bookmaker.